The First Edition of Facial Hair Friday

21 Aug

David has a beard.  Lara would if she could.  Because of Lara and the Reel Boy’s love of facial hair we have decided to make a weekly ode to any thing from stubble to fu manchus.  This is the first edition of a feature we like to call:


Sam Rockwells Lonely Moon Facial Hair

Sam Rockwell's Lonely Moon Facial Hair

Here we see Mr. Sam Rockwell sporting a mad goatee in a screen capture from the film Moon.  Now, I’m not usually a fan of goatees because of their association with youth ministers and faux beatniks, but I think goatees are completely acceptable for someone living on the moon for three years.  And, let’s face it, Sam Rockwell can do whatever the hell he likes.

trying to figure out how to meet Sam Rockwell,



One Response to “The First Edition of Facial Hair Friday”

  1. daniela August 21, 2009 at 2:25 pm #

    yes, i’m pretty sure sam rockwell can get away with anything.

    –> and if you decide to install a facial hair faux pas segment, i’d like to nominate daniel radcliffe for sporting a hitler-mustache in “my boy jack”. disturbing.

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