Top 5 Barfing Scenes

16 Sep

I have always loved barfing scenes in movies. I think they’re hilarious. Granted that is not always the case. The barfing scene in The Exorcist, for example, is just very, very disgusting. There is nothing funny there. And that is why it is not on my list. My Top 5 Barfing Scenes are all moments that I find funny. I’m not sure they are all supposed to be humorous, but most of them are. They all bring that inner immaturity out in me.

David’s List
5. Jack Black in Be Kind Rewind.2008_be_kind_rewind_001
This is the only one out of my five that I couldn’t find a video for. Which is actually good because it’s the worst one out of the group. You don’t actually get to see the vomit in this scene. Only the sounds are enjoyed. But the whole scene is hilarious. He’s throwing up and sticking to metal things because he was just magnetized. Its great.

4. Bill Paxton in Apollo 13. Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Apollo 13 Vomit Video“, posted with vodpod

I don’t think this one was supposed to be funny. Bill’s character got real sick toward the end of this movie. But it’s in zero gravity. That makes it funny.

3. Seth Rogen in Superbad.

This is hilarious because he’s trying to make sense of a situation as he’s vomiting. This was one of my favorite parts in this movie actually.

2. Rupert Grint in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
He’s barfing, which is already funny. But he’s also barfing up slugs. Genius.

1. Terry Jones in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “MONTY PYTHON MR. CREOSOTE Video“, posted with vodpod

This is the classic barfing scene in my opinion. The scene by which all other vomit scenes are measured. This is pure, undiluted, bodily function humor. It is revolting. It is sickening. But it’s also hilarious.

Lara’s List

5.  The Sandlot: We all know this scene. Boys chew tobacco and go on a carnival ride, resulting in them puking all over themselves, the ground, and passersby. Absolutely brilliant. The infamous scene taught me a very important lesson at a young age: never go to the carnival.

(at 7:00 in — you probably shouldn’t watch any more of this, or you will seriously judge me)
4. All I Wanna Do (also released as Strike! and The Hairy Bird): Nobody knows this scene. That’s because almost no one knows about this movie, period. In high school my sister and her girl friends rented it at random one Friday night and thank God for that. After they watched it she introduced it to me and my little junior high group of friends (“group”? can you call two friends a “group”?) and our lives have never been the same. The film is set in 1963 at a prep school for girls, where Odette Sinclair (Gaby Hoffmann) has just been sent as punishment after her parents found out that she was planning to have sex with her boyfriend (Matthew Lawrence). Odette is soon befriended by a group of girls (one of whom is played by Kirsten Dunst) who allow her into their secret society, the DAR (Daughters of the American Ravioli), in which they share their deepest desires and eat cold ravioli they stole from the school’s kitchen. When the girls learn that the academy is going to merge with a boys’ school, they declare WAR. Why do I tell you all this? Because it sets up our scene. In order to sabotage them, the DAR get the boys drunk and then give them ipecac to “sober them up” before a big choir performance, with hilarious results! This film, though a guilty pleasure, is a diamond in the teen-comedy rough. It’s got the perfect blend of female bonding and shocking sexuality (Hayden Christensen with a boner, et all). And it’s got a Grade A puking scene.

(1:00 in)
3. Ernest Goes to Camp: The family fun film that inspired this list. How does one spoonful of eggs erroneous become such a massive heap of barf?! I don’t know, but I love it!


2. The Fly: The brundlefly in action: vomiting digestive enzymes in order to dissolve his food. Or in this his hand. This is probably the grossest thing ever.

(5:20 in if you want to get straight to the vomit, but I recommend you watch the whole story).
1. Stand By Me: You probably saw this one coming, but how could I not include the barf-o-rama? Lardass gets back at the townspeople who were so cruel to him by making them all puke on each other. Brilliant. The ultimate revenge.


4 Responses to “Top 5 Barfing Scenes”

  1. Canada Chris September 16, 2009 at 2:32 pm #

    Did neither of you see “I Love You Man” ?!?! Paul Rudd projectile vomitting all over Jon Favreau may be the best barf scene in any movie of all time!!

    • cintussupremus September 18, 2009 at 12:10 am #

      I did see/enjoy that movie, but I must admit I thought that scene was just a little too silly. That probably seems contradictory to this list, huh? Either way, I didn’t care much for that scene.

    • iamhrothgar September 19, 2009 at 4:58 pm #

      I did not see that. However, I do want to. Now that you’ve said that.

  2. Verona Sinclair November 21, 2012 at 10:42 am #

    I loved All I Wanna Do!!! Best Movie Ever!!!

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