Facial Hair Friday, Week 8

9 Oct

This week’s Facial Hair Friday involves another remake.  The difference here is that I was not very excited when I heard about the Karate Kid remake.  However, I was thrilled when I heard about the Clash of the Titans remake.  If any movie is ripe for being remade it’s Clash of the Titans.  And if anyone is perfect to play the role of Zeus it’s Liam Neeson.clash-of-the-titans_l

Look at that beard!  It’s probably not real at all, but it’s pretty awesome looking all the same.  This is a little different approach to the character than we got from Sir Laurence Olivier.  We’ve got battle armor instead white robes.  And the beard is a little bit longer in this version.  But as a Clash of the Titans fan I will go ahead and say that I approve.  Especially of the beard.

dreaming of my own battle armor,



2 Responses to “Facial Hair Friday, Week 8”

  1. Nicolas Acosta October 9, 2009 at 2:00 pm #

    That does look awesome. And yes, if there was ever a movie begging to be remade, it’s Clash of the Titans. I want to see Poseidon in action, sans early 80s green screen goofiness. And Liam Neeson can do anything. Anything. (e.g. Did you see Taken?)

    • iamhrothgar October 11, 2009 at 10:33 pm #

      I haven’t seen it yet! I really want to. I do love me some Liam Neeson. I can’t wait to see how the monsters look in Clash of the Titans. I’ll always love the Ray Harryhausen claymation monsters, but I’m excited about seeing realistic monsters too.

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