Facial Hair Friday, Week 10

23 Oct

This week’s Facial Hair Friday is thanks to the boys over at /Film, who originally wrote the story.  I suggest you all go read it in its complete form over there.  After you’ve spent some good, quality time enjoying the image here, of course.  The picture we have this week is a band that has announced they are doing a huge chunk of the music for a movie I am very excited about.  Any guesses?

Mastodon in all of their glory.

Mastodon in all of their glory.

This is the American metal band Mastodon.  And according to /Film, they are in the process of composing music for the upcoming movie Jonah Hex.  If you’re an ignorant savage that doesn’t read DC Comics let me enlighten you very quickly.  Jonah Hex is the the story of an ex-confederate soldier, now adventurer in the wild west, who experiences all kinds of strange adventures.  He was originally one of DC’s “Weird Westerns” characters.  Later in his career he was thrown into a dystopian future somehow, and fought for freedom there.  In the present incarnation of the character he’s back in the old west, and I’m guessing the movie will use the more classic “Weird Western” angle.

According to the article Mastodon’s record Blood Mountain was an influence on Director Jimmy Hayward while he was working on the script, and now they’re proving a significant amount of music for the film.  Score composer John Powell will be integrating the music into the movie’s final score.

I would guess that their facial hair probably had an influence on him as well.  How could it not?  It’s very intimidating.  And impressive.  I think I’ve just discovered that if you have a tattoo on your face, it makes your beard look ten times cooler.  I’ll have to remember that.

Anyway, I think this is all pretty awesome.  I was excited about the Jonah Hex movie already.  Jimmy Hayward’s directing resume so far only includes Horton Hears a Who!, but I’m thinking this former Pixar animator is going to impress us.  The cast includes John Malkovich, David Patrick Kelly, Megan Fox (not sure how I feel about that one), and Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex himself.  IMDb has the plot as: a bounty hunter (Hex) is tracking a voodoo practitioner who wants to free the south using an army of the undead.  That sounds awesome.

Jonah Hex in the comics.

Jonah Hex in the comics.

considering facial tattoos,



One Response to “Facial Hair Friday, Week 10”

  1. brent October 27, 2009 at 2:00 am #

    I would just like to say that this band comes up on google everytime I search my name. Lead singer and all…

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