Top Five Rebuttal

28 Oct

On the 6th edition of the Top Five List, “Most Mouthwatering Movie Meal,” I made a huge blunder. I included a fancy créme brulée over some of the most delicious looking junk food the world of cinema has ever seen.

(Sorry this isn’t an actual clip. I’m very irritated that I had to stoop to this obnoxious video to share this movie gift to the world).

Yes, that’s right, the famous “eating junk and watching rubbish” scene from Home Alone. How could I have forgotten it?! Kevin’s snack, which will likely haunt him for the following hours, has looked absolutely scrumptious to me since the age of seven. And I don’t even like marshmallows! The great thing about this meal is that it’s the most probable on the list, seeing as I likely won’t be coming across any imaginary food, giant cookies, digital steak, or magic delights. Because of this meal’s replicability, I vow that the next time I am left home alone I will make myself a massive heap of ice cream and marshmallows, drench it in chocolate syrup, and subject myself to hours of gangster flicks.

Sorry, créme brulée,



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