Facial Hair Friday, Week 12

6 Nov

Does it count as facial hair if it’s not real?  That, my good friends, is the question that lies before you today.  In most cases I would say, “Absolutely not!”  But I’m actually leaning in the other direction in this instance.  This example might go into the same category as most of the beards from Lord of the Rings and a couple from Monty Python’s Life of Brian.  The category I’m talking about is:  Facial Hair So Awesome No One Cares If It Is Real.  Or F.H.S.A.N.O.C.I.I.I.R. for short.  I know, I know, you had no idea such a category existed.  Well, it does.  And now you know.  And if you continue reading you will see your first example of it.


This is Benicio Del Toro in the upcoming film The Wolfman.  We don’t talk too much about upcoming films here at Lara And The Reel Boy, but we’re both excited about this one.  In addition to Mr. Del Toro, we will be seeing Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, and Hugo Weaving in this film.  I love all of those people.  And I love monster movies.  We don’t get too many monster movies these days.  We’re stuck with the stupid little brother of the horror family – The Torture Film.

Thankfully, Del Toro and company are bringing us back to the glory days.  Complete with extremely furry face.  I think I might actually be able to grow this same beard.  I just wouldn’t have the snout or the fangs.  I’m not sure if that’s awesome or humiliating.

Slightly embarrassed, but also excited about Halloween possibilities,



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