Facial Hair Florida Failure, Week 14

21 Nov

David is in Florida. He thought he would have internet access but he doesn’t. This poses a problem seeing as he hoped to write a review for yesterday and Facial Hair Friday today. So, even though it’s technically Saturday where I am (New York City, mind you), it’s still Friday where I’m usually live, so I’m going to get this post up quickly so you have your weekly dose of Facial Hair. It might be inspired by a terrible movie that I was spending my precious New York time on this very evening.

Charlie Swan (Billy Burke)

Yes, that’s Charlie Swan. As in father to Bella Swan (although she’d never call him “father” or “dad,” she’s much too alternative for that). Bella Swan of the famed Twilight Saga. This Facial Hair Friday isn’t so much about the mustache or the man, it’s simply to warn you: next week there will be a The Twilight Saga: New Moon review. Prepare yourself.

Spending my time in New York wisely,



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