Facial Hair Friday, Week 15

27 Nov

The owners of this week’s facial hair selection are very near and dear to my heart.  I grew up watching them rock out probably every week.  They made me laugh, they made me dance, they made me want to be in a band.  Now, I realize they don’t all have facial hair.  One of them is a girl.  But most of them do.  And I wanted to look just like them.  Who didn’t?

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Band.  Look at how awesome they look.  Arguably the greatest rock band ever.

You might be wondering what made me think of Dr. Teeth.  Or you might already know because the following video came out a few days ago.  But if you didn’t already know, the Muppets recently put out a new video.  Hopefully this is just the beginning of many more Muppet projects to come, but either way this video is priceless.  I’ve embedded it here for all of you to enjoy.

the biggest muppet fan,



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