Facial Hair Friday, Week 20

1 Jan

What an epic Facial Hair Friday, for not only does it mark our 20th week anniversary of said postings, but it is also the start of a new year and decade. So this has got to be really good.

Pai Mei

Pai Mei! How has he not been featured before?! He’s actually who came to mind when I first thought up Facial Hair Friday, so I am disgusted he has not been the star yet. He is what the feature was made for: he’s a sword wielding badass who also has a beard that drags behind him. And his eyebrows are like wings. I promise to never neglect him again in this year of 2010.

Glad I have such an easy New Year’s Resolution,



One Response to “Facial Hair Friday, Week 20”

  1. Charlie Bucket January 8, 2010 at 12:22 pm #

    mmmmhmmm. not to mention he can stand on a sword in mid-air!

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