Facial Hair Friday, Week 21

8 Jan

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus should be at theater near you by now.  Maybe not near you, but somewhere in your general vicinity.  Relatively speaking.  It’s actually playing at six different theaters here in Austin, TX.  I love this movie.  I gave a great review after I saw it at Fantastic Fest this year.  I put it in my top ten films of 2009.  Hopefully, this has been enough evidence to convince you to go see it.  But in case it wasn’t, I am now focusing on it for a Facial Hair Friday as well.  If good reviews and best of the year lists just don’t do it for you, maybe a good, long beard will do the trick.

I present to you Christopher Plummer:

Now that is a cool looking old man.  He has an impressive beard.  There’s still something about him that’s intimidating even though he’s getting up in his years.  I wouldn’t want to mess with him.  It might have something to do with all the thieves, Romans, vampire hunters, and Klingons he’s played over the years.  But regardless of what exactly the supporting factors are, the main reason he looks so awesome in this film is his beard.

Look at that.  He looks crazy anyway, but his beard is what sets him apart.  It’s pure magic.  A magic beard.

begging you to see this wonderful movie,



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