Lara’s Apology To Perhaps the Most Important Bearded Man in Her Life

13 Jan

Last night as I was relaxing after supper, about to watch Death Proof with some out-of-towners, I checked the site real quick and my darling friends from the Land of Enchantment realized they hadn’t watched any of the video blogs we made last week. And they wanted to. So we did. And, despite the discomfort created by watching my own awkward self — I realized a HUGE blunder I had made in one of the posts. I had unintentionally hurt someone who I love and revere and I would like to take this time to apologize publicly to him. Perhaps the most important bearded man in my life.

Steven, It Was Really Nothing

No, I’m not retracting my rudeness to David during his Most Anticipated list. I meant what I said about Iron Man and I’d interrupt David all over again if given the chance! No, the apology goes to Steven.

Steven. Love of my life. From the depths of my soul, I repent of all my foolishness! When getting fired up about Inception, I claimed that Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino were my favorite directors making film today, which is so very far from the truth! For you see, you are still making movies. You. The man who made E.T. and Jurassic Park and Hook! And, though others unwisely may not feel the same, the movies you have released in the last few years are brilliant: Catch Me If You Can, Munich, hell, even War of the Worlds had its decent moments. My only problem with War of the Worlds is that you went against your word of protesting films that feature hostile alien creatures. But, hey, I forgive you for that. Want to return the favor? You know you’re my favorite director making film today and always.

Everything wrong with Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull was George Lucas’ fault,



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