Facial Hair Friday, Week 22

15 Jan

As a kid I always hated Richard Dreyfuss. In What About Bob? he was a cranky psychiatrist, in Mr. Holland’s Opus he was resentful towards his deaf son, and in Krippendorf’s Tribe, well, he was in Krippendorf’s Tribe. However, my opinion of him changed when, only about two years ago, I saw both Close Encounters of the Third Kind and, more importantly, Jaws. He was charming, he was neurotic, and he defeated a shark– he had won me over. And the fact that he had a scruffy face means that I can feature him here.


I’m glad to announce that thirty-five years later Dick has returned to battling evil sea creatures in the upcoming Piranha 3-D, or as it soon may be called Piranha. I saw the trailer for this movie before Avatar and I was both appalled and amazed. What with the spring break party elements, Eli Roth cameos, and three-dimensional gag after gag of piranhas swimming at the screen, I was obviously looking forward to seeing this movie as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the Weinstein company announced today that not only are they pushing back the release of the movie from April to August, but it may not even be in 3-D! “3-D” is right there in the title! And it looks as though they filmed the entire movie based on that popping-at-you niche. I tell you what, I am outraged. You should be to.

Richard today

How can they deny us that mustache in 3-D?



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