Avatar Depression Discussion

21 Jan

After I finished watching James Cameron’s Avatar I jokingly told my wife that I was dissatisfied with our lives here because we were not living on Pandora.  I was completely joking, but I was sad that there was no place I could visit that was quite like that jungle paradise with its glowing plants and floating mountains.  Well, the feelings I had were apparently pretty normal, and quite tame, when compared to those held by viewers featured in two articles from /Film and CNN.  One man has died from “over-excitement” after watching the film, and hundreds more are depressed and/or are having suicidal thoughts due to the impossibility of ever going to Pandora and living like the Na’vi.

My favorite part of the CNN article is at the very end.  The author suggests playing video games and downloading the Avatar soundtrack, as well as going outside to meet people, as treatments for this particular depression.  I don’t understand.  I don’t understand how the cure for someone depressed that he/she doesn’t live in a tribal like community in tune with nature is to immerse themselves in video games.  How does that help the situation?  One guy said that his world seemed gray after watching the film.  His solution was to find a “rebound movie”.

My question is this:  How could someone make his or her life more like that of the Na’vi?  It seems to me that if you are so depressed about not living in tune with other people and with nature that you want to kill yourself, you might just consider moving somewhere where you could be more in tune with nature.  Sell your stuff and move to South America.  If you really want to live like the Na’vi, then go find a tribe somewhere and join it.  There are still tribes out there in some places.  And most of the places they live actually look just as beautiful as Pandora.

What do you guys think?  Is it possible to make your life more like Na’vi?  Can you do it where you live now?

Do we really need this to be happy?


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