Facial Hair Friday, Week 23

22 Jan

This is a sad day for Facial Hair Friday because it marks the two year anniversary of Heath Ledger’s death.  Anyone who knows Lara and I know how much we love Mr. Ledger and his all too small body of work.  So we’ve decided, without much thought or consideration at all, to dedicate this week of Facial Hair Friday to Heath Ledger every year.  I don’t really think he had facial hair in very many movies, so this is going to get progressively harder every year, but for now it seems like a great idea.  So without further ado we present the First Annual Heath Ledger Memorial Edition of Facial Hair Friday.

Heath Ledger as Jacob Grimm

Here we have the not-quite amazing, but definitely under appreciated, The Brothers Grimm.  This was a 2005 film directed by Terry Gilliam and starring Heath Leger and Matt Damon.  Despised by a good many people, I actually really enjoyed the film.  Its by no means perfect, and its nowhere near Gilliam’s best, but its still better than most fantasy films that have come out recently.  And most importantly for today, it gave us Heath Ledger with a mustache and a nice set of chops.  These are some of those impressive chops that are almost a beard in and of themselves, and yet they remain, distinctly, chops.  Beautiful.

wishing we could do more than honor this great man’s facial hair,



One Response to “Facial Hair Friday, Week 23”

  1. Charlie Bucket January 31, 2010 at 8:25 pm #

    well said.

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