Facial Hair Friday, Week 24

29 Jan

As you may have noticed there were no posts this week. This is due to a mixture of David being busy with work things, Lara being in Texas and mostly internetless, no new movie viewings, Lara feeling sick, and a general feeling of lethargy. It was our Super Early Spring Break, if you will. And we apologize for it. We hope that you will accept this week’s Facial Hair Friday as a peace offering.

It is us. Lara and David from Lara and the Reel Boy. Ok, so we don’t actually work in movies. We don’t produce any works that make us worthy of being featured on Facial Hair Friday, but we DO think that our opinions on film are so significant that we have the right to base an entire website off of them. Which we promise to do next week. Something GREAT will be written every day.

I guarantee it,



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