Lightsaber Madness

15 Feb

Well, today is our very own David’s birthday. Happy birthday unto you, David. In the midst of excitement and celebration, we have both decided to take the day off. Even though I’m not even in the same state as David. I am throwing confetti on him and showering him with gifts spiritually, you see.

However, we figured we couldn’t just do NOTHING for the site today. I mean, something has to be done to mark David’s 26th special day, as well as to keep you folks entertained. So, today I share with you two videos from the Largest Lightsaber Battle Ever. It took place on February 13, 2010, at a mall in Bristol, England. It was organized on Facebook and looks like, perhaps, the most fun ever.

By the way, I think this is probably the coolest thing ever to happen in Bristol.

and there’s a much more dramatic telling:

starting to have some idea as to what we’re going to do for David’s birthday next year,



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