Meeting Alison Lohman

17 Feb

I have a favorite actress. Her name is Catherine O’Hara. I have a second favorite actress. Her name is Alison Lohman. If you don’t know her by her name, you are sorely missing out because she is a fantastic and adorable actress. You can see her in gems such as White Oleander, Big Fish, Drag Me To Hell, or the movie in which she won my heart, Matchstick Men. I developed such a huge girl crush on her character, Angela, from Matchstick Men that I even cut and styled my hair to look like her at the age of 17. Here is picture evidence.

Alison Lohman (next to some guy) in Matchstick Men

Lara (17, gawky, and Nicolas Cage-less) at an Oscar party 2005

You see? And my girl-crush has only increased since that time.

Yesterday, I was walking on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, listening to a friend tell a story, when I spotted her. She was only a couple of yards in front of us. I hit my friend in the chest, in the same protective manner as a Mother reaching over her child in the passenger’s seat at a sudden stop, “Is that Alison Lohman up there?”

“No, it can’t be. Look at that sweater.” For the possible Alison Lohman was wearing a grandma-like sweater with reindeer on it.

“Yeah, but, she could be wearing it ironically. That’s in now, right?”

“I suppose. But I don’t think that’s her.”

But I had to know. So we followed her and her husband (Mark Neveldine, director of Gamer and the Crank films) into Anthropologie. After a few minutes of creepily hiding behind manequins and mugs, trying to get a good look at her, I finally went and stood next to her at the door knob area. I heard her. I heard her precious lisp. It was Alison. So I retreated. Back to my friends behind a rack of dresses. What to do? I mean, she had her hair in a low pony-tail, glasses on, and was out doing Regular Joe things, so it would suck to go and interrupt her. But it was Alison Lohman.

So Kathryn helped me get courage to talk to her. First she told Alison that I was a huge fan and then I intercepted the introduction and said the same. “I’m such a huge fan,” “I love your work,” other gross, run-of-the-mill compliments. My creativity completely leaves me in the presence of celebrities. Then I said, “Well… It was nice to meet you,” she lied and said it was nice to meet me, too. It was super awkward. But it had to be done. And it was perfect.

Alison in all of her glory.

If you’re gonna get wet, might as well go swimming,



5 Responses to “Meeting Alison Lohman”

  1. Louisa February 17, 2010 at 8:21 pm #

    Lara, I am very proud of you. I also get sooo nervous in front of celebrities, but you’ll always be glad you said at least something.

  2. breadtobeeaten February 18, 2010 at 7:29 am #

    Oh my lord god. Reading your post, my emotions went like this: OHMYGOD–>she has to say something she shouldn’t say anything–>SHE HAS TO SAY SOMETHING–>oh I’m so nervous–>oh good, kathryn is there!–>LISP!–>oh no all those things you never want to say she’s saying because what else CAN you say!–>relieved and grateful that it’s over and at least they exchanged words–>breeeeathe….

    Reminds me of meeting oh what’s her name…(googles Eisley)… oh right, Sherri DuPree… well the fact that I can’t even remember her name now tells you how well THAT went. Wish I had’ve been there (although… I wouldn’t even be able to fake shopping in an Anthropologie so… maybe it’s better this way…)

    • CintusSuprimus February 26, 2010 at 1:09 pm #

      I love the play by play of your thoughts throughout the story. You should do movie commentaries.

  3. Charlie Bucket February 18, 2010 at 9:07 am #

    I’m not going to make any mention to the pants you’re wearing in the picture.


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    […] of the incident and I figured I’d already filled my super-creepy quota for the year with my Alison Lohman anecdote. Instead, I began taking pictures that I could use for a very slapdash French Film Tour. […]

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