Facial Hair Friday, Week 29

5 Mar

As you may have heard, both at this website as well as everywhere else on the internet, the 82nd Annual Academy Awards are this Sunday. To honor my favorite day of every year, this week will feature both a facial hair’d and bald-faced man. Guess who I like more.

Sid Ganis, Former President of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (note: beautiful beard)

Tom Sherak, new President of Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (note: no beard to speak of)

While I know many may not agree with me, I have really dug the last few years of Oscar ceremonies (with the exception of 2008, which was mostly due to the Writers’ Strike) and that has a lot to do with Sid Ganis, the President of Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences from 2005-2009. Under his reign we have had Ellen DeGeneres host, some fantastic film montages, Jack Black/Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly’s lament for comedians, Jon Stewart waking up in bed with George Clooney, last years’ presentations from past winners for the actor awards, Pilobolus, and Hugh Jackman bringing back the glamor of musicals. Not to mention his President speech of “How We Do the Oscars” were always brieft and entertaining, unlike most who had preceded him. And– he has a beard.

The new President, Tom Sherak, hasn’t done anything wrong. I mean, he doesn’t have any facial hair, so that’s already a mark against him, but so far he has yet to mess up anything. I’m just saying, he has some pretty big shoes to fill. And come Sunday we’ll know if he can.

Going to go rewatch the 79th Academy Awards,



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