Facial Hair Friday, Week 31

19 Mar

How do you spell beard backwards? Draeb. Wow, that sounds like a name from Tron. Do you know who has a beard in Tron? Jeff Bridges, which brings us to today’s Facial Hair Wonder. (See how I did that?) Not that I would know, because I’m a pseudo-sci fi fan who initially watched the trailer for Olivia Wilde. Also, I’m a poseur in another way: I am neither Lara or David. I’m Daniela, Lara’s cooler older sister.

Draeb.. I mean beard.

Enjoy this beard, which not only reveals how scruffy = handsome, but when you’re lost in another dimension, you will probably not have access to a razor. Here’s the trailer for the sequel, Tron Legacy.

Wishing I was a professional guest blogger,

Hoping that Lara and David don’t beat me up for this later,

Wishing I had a badass motorcycle,

Getting the hang of this,



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