Facial Hair Friday, Week 37

21 May

Sometimes Facial Hair Friday is based solely on the awesomeness of the facial hair involved other times the facial hair is simply an excuse for us to share something with you folk. I’m not even going to beat around the bush this week. The man in question does not sport a bushy, Brawny-esque beard, nor does he have bizarrely configured sideburns, he just has a bit of scruff, no more than a college freshman trying his first endeavor into the world of manhood.

Timo Vuorensola

Timo who? In all honesty we didn’t know until yesterday. Since then we have become potentially big fans. Timo Vuorensola is a Finnish director who has recently taken a break from his Star Wreck films, a series of independent, Star Trek parodies, to create Iron Sky, a science-fiction, dark comedy about Nazis in space. Need I say more?

Badass, huh? The style reminds me of one of my favorite action films of all time, Casshern, only instead of robots taking over earth, Nazis take over the sky. Through the entirety of the trailer, when I watched it the first time, I just kept thinking, “Please don’t be glorifying the Nazis, please don’t be glorifying the Nazis”– and then that line came across the screen about kicking Nazi arse and I was sold. If you’re interested in learning more about Iron Sky and it’s slightly unorthodox production go here. Get the film to come to your town and join the anti-space Nazi regime!

going to check and see if Star Wreck is on Netflix,



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