Facial Hair Friday, Week 40

11 Jun

Week 40!  Good gosh.  I’d say that’s pretty impressive.

Anyway, this week’s Facial Hair Friday is going to be looking at The A-Team.  Now, neither Lara nor myself have seen this film yet.  So, this is in no way a review.  This is more of a comparison.  I think its impossible for someone that grew up watching the show every Saturday, to not compare the two.  Especially after all the negative things both Mr. T and Dirk Benedict have been saying about the movie.  Well, here at Lara and the Reel Boy one of the comparisons has been the quality of facial hair.  Who has better facial hair, Mr. T or Rampage Jackson?

We’ll start off with Rampage Jackson since this is the opening weekend of the film.

Not bad.  His expression is kind of weird, but that’s not really what we’re grading here.  The beard has a nice shape, nice volume.  However, if you look at the edges, it looks rather thin.  Like maybe Rampage doesn’t usually grow his beard out.  Possibly this is one of the first times his beard has been this long.  Interesting.

Next, we have the original, Mr. T.

Very impressive.  I’d say the shape and size are equal here.  The difference lies in the quality.  With Rampage it looks like his beard is turning into smoke along the edges.  Wispyness is a clear sign of beard inexperience.  Mr. T’s beard, on the other hand, is so perfect that you can’t tell where it ends and the shadows begin.  It is just one solid block of darkness.  A perfect beard.

While I can’t say how the movie holds up to the TV show yet.  I can say that, in terms of facial hair, the film leaves something to be desired.

wanting more jewelry to go with my beard,



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