Facial Hair Friday, Week 45

30 Jul

Tonight’s Facial Hair Friday is a farce!

Zac Efron with a (fake) stache

I have a confession to make: I like Zac Efron. I do. And, maybe so far he hasn’t had the most credible career, and perhaps Charlie St. Cloud doesn’t entice me in the least, but somehow he still has my heart. He (along with Lucas Grabeel) stuck out as a potentially decent actor in the High School Musical movies, and I would argue that he was boyishly charming in 17 Again. In the poster above, which I saw desecrated before screening Inception, obviously someone was trying to make him look silly, or perhaps they were making a social commentary on how his domination of East High mirrored the severity of Hitler’s reign, but either way they FAILED. Look how cool he still looks. Seeing him with drawn-on facial hair doesn’t make me want to mock him, it makes me want to see him in Me and Errol Flynn.  I mean watch here to see how much of a badass this teen heartthrob can be. And that was in 17 Again. Just imagine what he has potential to do if given a good role!

let’s pray that future part involves a hairy lip,



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