Please Put This On DVD: The Santo Films

25 Oct

Santo is perhaps the most famous of all the Mexican Luchadors.  His silver mask is recognizable even to people that have never seen a Lucha Libre fight before.  He was also the star of many, many Mexican mystery/science fiction/horror/wrestling movies.  These are films that star Santo (and sometimes his pal/enemy Blue Demon) as heroes, saving the world, and the pretty girl, from the evil machinations of Vampire Women, Dracula, the Wolfman, aliens, Grave Robbers, and a whole host of other villians.  And they never once take off their masks.

Santo appeared in fifty-two films between 1958 and 1982, starring in all but two of them.  Of those fifty-two films, only four were dubbed in English and released in the United States.  Two of those films changed his name to Samson to appeal to the American audiences obsessed with the Hercules movies of the same Era.  The rest have remained unseen by most of us, and incomprehensible to those of us who can’t speak Spanish but were lucky enough to find a copy somewhere.

In this age of collector’s edition DVD box sets and obsession with both foreign films and cult films, how have these movies remained unreleased?  A simple search on Amazon will bring up a handful of double features, but on careful examination you will find that these still lack subtitles.  And that still gives us less than ten of his fifty-two films.

I want to see Santo in Baron Brakola and find out who Baron Brakola is.  I need to see Santo and Blue Demon in the World of the Dead and find out where the World of the Dead is.  These are questions that need to be answered.  And I am dying to know the answers.

Please, someone that has the ability to release things on DVD, put out some special editions of these films.  Produce some subtitles so those of us can’t speak Spanish can understand what’s happening.  Don’t let this absolutely huge piece of Mexican film history go unseen by American audiences any more.  I’m begging here.

In conclusion, here’s the trailer for Santo and Blue Demon Vs. Dracula and the Wolfman, from 1972.


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