SXSW Review: Source Code & Super

31 Mar

Source Code

Moon is one of my favorite movies. Ever. So naturally, I was looking forward to Duncan Jones’s next project. Then I saw the trailer for Source Code. It looked… well, to put it nicely, typical. “But I’m sure,” I thought, “Duncan Jones will have something up his sleeves! He probably just made it look like it would appeal to mass audiences, when it really has weight to it.” Then I saw the movie. And the optimist inside me died a little bit more. Source Code is an under-whelming action flick. As far as I can tell, it’s not the fault of the director or the actors, they were doing the best they could with the material they had, it was the story accompanied by cheesy dialogue. A man wakes up on a train in a different body than his own and has to keep reliving the same 8 minutes before the train blows up to figure out who bombed it. In the words of my friend, Aaron, “It’s Groundhog Day meets Speed,” except for nowhere near as effectual as either.

Perhaps it is because 8 minutes is just not enough to develop character or story, but the general feeling I had during the movie was that I didn’t care. I didn’t care for any of the characters, I didn’t care about who bombed the train, I didn’t care about the main love story, I didn’t care about the attempt-at-a-climax, in which someone has to make a hard decision… Getting redundant? Then you get the point. Source Code is precisely that. I want to stop now, though, in fear that this movie will make no money and then no one will let Duncan Jones make Mute. Because, obviously, tons of people are going to read this review and then take it to heart… okay, so probably not, but I don’t want to trash talk it too much. There were some cool action bits and clever remarks here and there, and in all honesty, a lot of people are going to like this movie. It’s got action and a love story and things blowing up and some sci-fi and a story some people might not realize they’ve seen before. So, yeah, for those movie-goers this film is going to hit the spot. For the rest of you, maybe not. And for people who expect a lot from Duncan Jones, it’s most likely going to disappoint. Therefore, let us pray that someone gives Duncan Jones the opportunity to direct a movie HE ACTUALLY WROTE again, so that we can get some more Moon brilliance. Cause Source Code never left the statio—no, I can’t do it—it missed the mark.


Rainn Wilson stars in a dark, dark comedy about a man who gets fed up with his Job-type of life and, inspired by a visit from God in a dream, makes himself into a superhero. A superhero who has no powers and hits people in the head with a wrench. Now, I know what you’re thinking, this plot sounds a lot like another dark-action-comedy that came out last year, Kick-Ass. However it is totally different, as it should be for it was conceived of about six years ago. Plus, it’s even more twisted. It also stars Ellen Page as his ignorant, maniacal side-kick, Boltie, Liv Tyler plays Sarah, his druggy ex-wife, and Kevin Bacon is Jacques (AKA “Jock”), his smarmy, drug-dealing arch-nemesis. This movie is really off-color and really messed up and not at all for everyone. But if you want to see Rainn Wilson play someone completely different from Dwight and you have a bit of a dark side about you, you should absolutely watch this hilarious hero-flick.

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