Facial Hair Friday, #57

1 Apr

Facial hair is indicative of several other things, especially in films.  I would argue that you are almost guaranteed that the humor will be funnier, the action will be more intense, the drama will be more tear-jerking, if the lead actors have some form of impressive facial hair.  It doesn’t even have to be all the actors.  But movies suddenly look more appealing if they have a huge beard in them at some point.

This was proven to be true in 2009 when The Hangover became the surprise comedy hit of the year.  It propelled its three stars, none of whom were considered A-List actors by the Hollywood machine at the time, into the spotlight.  And this tidal wave of comedy gold was all launched by the massive, beautiful beard of Zach Galifianakis.

Since then, Hollywood seems to be taking notice of the benefit facial hair can bring to a movie.  But if anyone is still unconvinced, that should all change come Memorial Day when The Hangover Part II arrives in theaters.

So help us prepare, here is the trailer, just released yesterday,


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