Facial Hair Friday, #58

8 Apr

One of the things that I love about Facial Hair Friday is that it gives me a place to talk about basically anything that I think is cool.  All I have to do is find something involved that has facial hair.  Sometimes that takes a while, but it usually just makes the whole process more fun.  And its never that difficult because most cool things do involve facial at some level.  The more research we do, the more definite our findings become.  Facial Hair is a necessary ingredient if you want something to be cool.

Today, I was reading /Film, which is one of the best film websites out there, and I stumbled across one of the cooler things that I have seen recently.  Planet Pulp is an online art gallery of pulp culture.  It has a rotating theme that changes every 30 days.  In the past they have done such excellent themes as “Rescue a Princess” (The Legend of ZeldaEarthworm Jim, etc.) and “Hero/Villain Re-Design Super-show” which featured new looks for classic heroes and villains.

This last month they have been doing art inspired by the films of Pixar.  And they are amazing.   To tie this all in to Facial Hair Friday, here is a little sample.

Check it out people.  http://www.planet-pulp.com/


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