Some Form of Explanation/Apology/Excuse/etc.

7 Sep

We have not been good blog owners.  We have not fed and walked you everyday, nor have we even thought of you everyday.  Our jobs and schedules were allowed to get in the way and cloud our vision.  And sure, we could explain how one of us got a new job and the other changed schedules from working overnights to working evenings, but what would that be?  It would be a handful of useless excuses.

It comes down to this.  I can’t speak for Lara, but I have not wanted to write anything in a long time.  This was perhaps obvious as the output of this blog slowly dwindled away to near nothingness.  But now it’s out there.  I didn’t want to write anything, and I really wasn’t watching too many movies.  When I did watch something it was an episode or two of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Those could probably prove fascinating to write about, but I never tried.

Eventually, it reached this point.  Nothing posted in a long time and deep feeling of guilt and disappointment.  It’s not even that I feel like I should be doing this.  I want to do this.  I just don’t have any self discipline.  And that’s stupid.

Later this month I am going to Fantastic Fest.  This is my first film festival, and I’m very excited about it.  But beyond that initial excitement of “AAAHHH A FILM FESTIVAL”, I think this has forced me to come to terms with myself.  It’s forced me to realize how lazy I am.  And that needs to stop.  Not just so I can be a better blog owner, but so I can be satisfied with who I am.

It’s possible this means that you are going to be getting several posts about the Power Rangers in the future.  But it also means that I am going to be ready for this festival.


2 Responses to “Some Form of Explanation/Apology/Excuse/etc.”

  1. Alison Richards September 7, 2011 at 1:00 pm #

    Enjoy the festival! You’ll be hooked… just like movies, the festivals can be habit forming. Don’t worry about being lazy, we all need to step away from the pressures (be it self-imposed or not) in our lives.
    For me, September means more than back to school, it means Back to Life.

  2. iamhrothgar September 14, 2011 at 12:58 am #

    Thanks! I’m super excited. And I’m really hoping September will be the month of getting back in the habit of writing. Not just for this blog, but in general.

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