Fantastic Fest Spotlight: The Day

12 Sep

With Fantastic Fest fast approaching, I am beginning to sit down and think about which moveis I actually want to see.  There are a lot of them, and its very easy to be overwhelmed by the whole thing.  If I do this festival liek I do every other part of my life, I won’t think about it at all and will just see what’s playing each day on my way there.  However, as I previously mentioned, I am not going to be lazy about this.  And my first step in this non-lazy journey is to figure out what movies I definitely do not want to miss.  So, my first movie on this list is Doug Aarniokoski’s The Day.

So, we’ve got a post-apocalyptic setting and a group of people walking across what’s left of the world.  On the surface it looks very similar to The Road or The Book of Eli, but on ce you dig a little deeper, it looks like an altogether different beast.  We have a group of five people struggling to help each other survive.  This isn’t a lone wolf weighed down by a companion unable to survive on their own.  This is a team.

This is also a single day in this horrible, nightmare of a life.  We aren’t watching them try to make their way to a mythical promised land.  We simply get to watch them try to survive one day.  One day that involves a scary, possible abandoned farm house.

Plus, this is being brought to us by Doug Aarniokoski, who I confess I don’t know what to think about.  Look him up on IMDB, and you see an intersting assortment of things.  He’s been the Second Unit Director for a host of Robert Rodriguez productions, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  Which is impressive.  He also was the head director of Highlander: Endgame.  Which I have mixed feelings about.  Bottom line, I’m very curious what this guy can do.

Add to that Dominic Monaghan and Shannyn Sossamon, and I am very intrigued.


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