Fantastic Fest Review: New Kids Turbo

24 Sep

Have you ever been watching a comedy, maybe Dumb and Dumber or Wet Hot American Summer, and thought this could be better if it was dumber, more violent, and more offensive?  Is it possible that I have been thinking that for years and never realized it?  That was the question I asked myself as I left the screening of New Kids Turbo.  I want to quickly explain that I am not saying this is better than either of those movies, but it is definitely dumber, more violent, and more offensive.  And it works.  It works incredibly well.

New Kids Turbo is the story of five young Dutch men, who are complete idiots and all happen to lose their jobs on the same day.  After a short-lived attempt at getting on welfare, the group decides to adopt a new lifestyle that can be summed up in the phrase they repeat throughout the movie, “We’re not paying for anything ever again!”

What follows is a story of stupid people, doing stupid things, and accidently becoming cultural icons.  This is interesting because the plot actually mirrors the lives of the creators.  Five young Dutch men, who started making internet videos, stumbled into a national television show, and somehow got a movie out of the deal.  This story is all the more endearing if you get a chance to listen to the creators talk about it, like I did after the screening.  These are regular guys that have a great sense of humor, and totally lucked out with the right people seeing their videos at the right time.  They still seem genuinely surprised that the whole thing worked.  In fact, during the Q&A, Huub Smit described their success as a big joke that got majorly out of hand.

Its people like this that you want to see succeed.  And it’s so refreshing when they actually do.  New Kids Turbo is supremely committed to being idiotic.  These friends are dedicated to embodying the characters they have created.  They are lazy, ignorant, bigoted, offensive people.  And they would hard pressed to be any funnier.



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