Facial Hair Friday, #63

13 Oct

Well, everyone, it’s October 14th and you know what that means: HALLOWEEN MOVIE MONTH! The second best movie month of the year. Now it’s been hard to get into the mood here in Texas, what with the temperatures ranging from the “cool” 80s to the unbearable 100s. It doesn’t help, either, that I have a boyfriend who has a passion for the genre and have been watching scary movies on a more regular basis over the last couple of years. No complaints there. My world now has Freddy Krueger in it. And that is a great thing (too bad the green & red sweater’d bastard is always too burned to grow some stubble– otherwise he’d be featured here). But October isn’t only about horror flicks, but the wonderful subgenre of creepy family films. Your Ernest Scared Stupids, your Monster Houses, your Caspers, and, who could forget the most glorious, morbid family around, The Addams Family. Which brings me to…


Everyone’s favorite inappropriately named, indestructible, mustachiod baby. Well, he may be the only movie character to fit that description, and by far our youngest person ever spotlighted on FHF. I doubt we’ll ever top it… if only that 2001 fetus had a goatee… Nope! Still wouldn’t win, because I just found out HE was played by twin GIRLS. Beat that, Space Odyssey unborn baby! Did I just blow your mind? I know, I am similarly flummoxed. I mean, s/he(s) doesn’t wear pink. Like, at all. And, ya know, has facial hair. Well, despite questionable sexuality, he rocks a mean mustache, he’s adorable, he’s creepy, he’s kooky, and he’s an Addam.

Ba na na num,

La. Ra.


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