Visible Quotes #2: Flash Gordon

8 Nov

Visible Quotes is our attempt to share some of our favorite lines in film, in their original context.  They’re always better in the movie, especially when the other option is your friend endlessly saying them.

Today, we have Flash Gordon, one of my favorite movies.  What could be better than a comic strip/film serial from the 1930s being remade in the 1980s with tons of bright colors, a soundtrack by Queen, Timothy Dalton in bright green tights, and, most importantly, Max von Sydow as Ming the Merciless.  Ming is one of my all time favorite villains.  So, getting to see him played by one of the greatest actors of the last several decades is amazing.

His disdain for all living things, except himself.  His unending arrogance and faith in his own superiority.  His fantastic facial hair.  Its all there.  And its all perfectly captured in this scene.



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