Lara’s Jurassic Party

16 Nov

I recently turned the super ancient age of 24. Scary, I know. But the silver-lining (besides the gray hair) is that 24 is the DINOSAUR BIRTHDAY. Or so fate would make it seem. You see, merely days after birthday Jurassic Park was screened at my favorite place in the whole world, The Alamo Drafthouse. What a nice present from the Drafthouse! So, thanks to the genius of my friend, Aaron, it became very apparent that a JP themed meal was in order to celebrate the Life of Lara (despite the Death of Dinosaurs). I pulled together some ideas from Jurassic Park fanatics; Tyler, Brent, Daniela, Juliet, Laura, Aaron, and my own clever brain, put some of them to work (thanks be to Mitch, Jenny, Claire, Laura, Aaron, Beth, Stephanie, Juliet, Brittany, Nic, and mostofly, Tyler Boyfriend) and had the Jurassic Party of a lifetime. Hold on to your brunch.

That’s-not-what-I’m-Gonna-Do-Nuts by Tyler Darby

“Our life is in your hands and you have butterfingers?”

Dinosaur infested coffee.

Dr. Ian Malcolm by the menu.

Jurassic Pork and Egg Casserole (thanks Cindy and Tyler)

Dino Droppings (chocolate covered, strawberry cakeballs)

My handsome cook.


Gallimimosas abound.

Lounging like a brachiosaurus.

Assembling T-Rex model.

The birthday girl, meself.

Check it:

Jurassic Party Menu

Desserts & Drinks

Likely the only grownish person to have 4 Spielbergasm birthdays within a six year period,


PS I forgot to take my camera to the Drafthouse, but suffice it to say, it was magic.


One Response to “Lara’s Jurassic Party”

  1. breadtobeeaten November 16, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    I am so in love. Of all the Speilbergasms, it hurts that I wasn’t there for this one! Even though I wasn’t at it, it feels REAL TO ME. I love you, La-face, and all your birthdays, too! Also, can we sometimes refer to Tyler as Jurassic Boyfriend?

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