Visible Quotes #4: Coffee and Cigarettes

30 Nov

Visible Quotes is our attempt to share some of our favorite lines in film, in their original context.  They’re always better in the movie, especially when the other option is your friend endlessly saying them.

We’ve been on a Bill Murray kick here with these visible quotes.  And this time we’ve got one of his greatest, and shortest performances.  Coffee and Cigarettes is veritable goldmine of incredible quotes.  The performances that director Jim Jarmusch pulled out of each of his stars are all amazing.

The basic idea here is several short conversations that we get to observe.  The people having the conversations are always smoking and drinking coffee, and they sometimes talk about that.  The participants include Iggy Pop with Tom Waits, Alfred Molina with Steve Coogan, several other interesting combinations, and my personal favorite, Bill Murray with RZA and GZA from Wu-Tang Clan.

I have no idea if the conversation that includes the pictured line was scripted or made up on the spot.  But regardless, its brilliant.  Just like the rest of the movie.


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