Facial Hair Friday, #65: RETURN OF THE MAN-HAIR

19 Oct

TGIF! It’s that beloved day when we take a minute before a weekend of debauchery (and/or lethargy) and reflect on the truly important things in life: the facial hair of famous men. A lot is riding on this, the reboot of FHF: will it live up to the original series that preceded it? Will it begin with an origin story or will the franchise be completely reimagined? Perhaps a fu man chu should start us off, or a big bushy beard… No no no. Let’s not attempt to outshine the FHFs of old, but merely pick up where we left off! How about someone perfectly fitting for the month of October, eh?


That’s right, John Carpenter! What better time to think about the man behind Halloween than the month of Halloween?! This director has been frightening audiences generation after generation; from his low-budget chills of Halloween in the ’70s, to the brilliant practical-effects of The Thing in the ’80s, then there was the kind-of-almost-creepy-but-also-laughable Village of the Damned of the ’90s, and…Ghosts of Mars of the 2000s– (that was scary, right? I mean, despite the 20% rating on Rotten Tomatoes) — err, the prequel to The Thing that came out last year… that he had nothing to do with… Ok. So he may not be super active of late, but that’s because of his semi-retirement! Not that it really matters, because he’d done enough during his 25 years of direction to last a lifetime. And he’s here today, because he is not only a master of scares BUT ALSO of scary appearances. He always has been– sporting his mustache like a boss. Check out this picture of him from the ’80s that was tagged “Normal John Carpenter”:

He’s got a battle axe! That’s the most normal John Carpenter gets! And for that, during this, the season of horror, on this, the day of Facial Hair, we raise a digital glass and pay tribute to him. Well done, Mr. Carpenter, ya old kook.

Escape from Austin,



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