Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 2

29 Oct

Lots of news all over this week. From the one and only Schwarzenegger going back to the role of Conan to Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson staring in a CG comedy about Turkeys, a lot to talk about. Speaking of Turkeys, it’s almost Halloween, which means it’s almost Thanksgiving which means it’s almost Christmas which in turn means it’s almost time for the Holiday Season in 2013. Something like that. For Netflix this week, we have some good stuff. First up:

The Artist has made its way to Netflix. This is the part where you think less of me; I never saw The Artist and have no real plans to. However, I am aware many people dug this film. You can now check out this artsy silent  flick on your iPad while creating art to be placed in the porcelain throne.

If you need some more blood and guts, The Walking Dead is available for your viewing pleasure. Sure it has been up for a while, however, Season 2 has recently been added on, and if you can ignore the horrible things I am sure you have heard about this season, you will find some value. Ok ok, I will concede that some (ok most) of the decisions made by the characters in this season make no logical sense. That shouldn’t stop you from marathoning it with your friends as The Walking Dead still delivers on the zombie slaying quota.

I suppose I should throw in one true ‘Halloween’ something or another. To fill this I think we need Kiefer Sutherland. No, I’m not talking about Phone Booth (spoilers!), but the intense bloody thriller called Touch. Kiefer is the father of an autistic boy who by all accounts, seems to be able to predict the future, despite never speaking. I apologize, I get scared and can’t watch horror films so this will have to make due. Danny Glover also stars as someone who works with gifted children and helps Kiefer’s character work with his son. The show has a great sense of mystique while showing a beautiful story about a father doing anything in his power to have a relationship with his son.

I suppose if you really want to be horrified you could watch Atlas Shrugged: Part 1. I’ve had more pleasant nightmares.


– Tripp


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