Facial Hair Friday, #67: THE FORGING OF A NEW EMPIRE

2 Nov

As everyone know by now, George Lucas sold Lucas Films and everything related to Star Wars to Disney this week for a reported $4.05 Billion.  What does that mean (other than Lucas continuing to have an awesome beard for several decades now)?

Well, in my humble opinion this could be a good thing.  I am not completely thrilled about a new set of Star Wars sequels, but I am also very curious.  And Disney isn’t doing so poorly right now.  They have Pixar and Marvel Studios under the same roof, so that’s a lot of creative people that I respect and trust.

Also, my biggest fear is that they are going to do sequels set right after Return of the Jedi, with new actors, and totally invalidate everything I read in the books growing up.  But that doesn’t necessarily have to happen.  The Star Wars games that are being put out right now take place thousands of years before the prequels, thus allowing them to do whatever they want without stepping on any toes.  That’s the beauty of setting something “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.”  They could easily set the the new trilogy far in the future, after Luke, Han, Chewie, the Emporer’s clone, Corran Horn, Mara Jade, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and everyone else from the extended universe has died.

Have the story be about Luke’s great, great, great grandson fighting a resurgence of a Sith Empire that was found on an isolated moon that no one knew existed.  I would watch that.  Hell, I would be excited about that.

Just don’t make all of this already pretty useless knowledge I have of the Star Wars extended universe completely pointless.  Please.  This is my childhood we’re talking about.  Please let Disney be better at protecting childhoods than Lucas has been.


– david


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