Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 4

12 Nov

I will not lie, I have been slacking on my exploring all things Netflix due to marathoning through J.J. Abrams’ Alias. I never saw Alias prior to this viewing on Netflix and I am enjoying myself quite nicely. I do not really feel the need to recommend it as I am sure most people caught on to this show when it aired.

The Luc Besson ‘was marginally involved in this’ film, Lockout has traveled through space and made its way to Netflix. Two things can be said about this. One Guy Pearce stars. Two, the imdb description of the movie: ‘A man wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against the U.S. is offered his freedom if he can rescue the president’s daughter from an outer space prison taken over by violent inmates’. That is like 90’s action movie stuff right there, you cannot go wrong.

On to something that every guy here has wanted to click on, but just could not muster the courage. The Girlfriend Experience directed by Steven Soderbergh stars someone I’ve never heard of, Sasha Grey. Nope, name does not seem familiar nor have I seen any of her other, well, films. Not once. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the first time anyone has seen her on film. *cough*. The Girlfriend Experience is not good by any measure, but it is interesting in a ‘Oh Soderbergh, why?’ kinda way. Oh, this thing has a story as well, what you have here are basically random scenes from a high-end call girl work week that more or less tie in together. As 11pm-on-a-Friday-night-Showtime exciting that might sound, it is quite boring. Actually, don’t watch this. Solaris is more exciting.

Remember when you first watched Superbad? Of course you do, it was a great time. Did you think to yourself shortly after, ‘Man, why isn’t there a tv series like this?’ Apparently, someone else thought the same thing and after a few years, provided us with The Inbetweeners (UK). Three hilarious seasons were given to the world by the tv gods and you should do yourself a service and check them out. There is a US version of the show which is decent however it doesn’t stand up to the UK version. The comedy timing and chemistry the four main actors have is outstanding.

Finally, the man responsible for making me cry no less than 5 times in 2010 and, totally unrelated, the screenplay writer for Toy Story 3 Michael Arndt has been set as the writer for Star Wars Episode $. Since that that’s not on Netflix anymore, just watch John Waters: This Filthy World and pretend he is talking about Woody the whole time. Woody.

– Tripp


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