Visible Quotes #5: Bride of Frankenstein

14 Nov

Visible Quotes is our attempt to share some of our favorite lines in film, in their original context.  They’re always better in the movie, especially when the other option is your friend endlessly saying them.

Today’s quote comes from possibly the greatest monster film of all time, James Whale’s masterpiece Bride of Frankenstein (1935).  This film took the horror and the themes that were explored four years earlier in Frankenstein, and ran with them.  Boris Karloff shines as the monster, and despite her little screen time, Elsa Lanchester shines even brighter as the Bride and Mary Shelly.  A tragic, beautiful film, Bride of Frankenstein is one of my very favorites.  

If you haven’t seen it, you should also stop reading this if you don’t like spoilers.  Because this is from the end of the movie.

– david


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