Facial Hair Friday, #68: A SMORGASBORD OF HAIR

16 Nov

I realize I’m a little late to the game (which is my style these days, apparently), but I saw Cloud Atlas yesterday. And I’ve got to say: I didn’t hate it. It is flawed and it is convoluted to be sure, but I found myself enjoying it– for the most part. Because the Wachowskis and Twycker undertook tying six major storylines together, some of them triumphed while others fell flat. Though that could easily be seen as a crucial failing, I found it to be a positive: when the film was focused on a plot I didn’t care too much for, all I’d have to do is wait a few minutes and it would be back to the characters I found more captivating. Besides which, even the stories with shortcomings had elements of intrigue and beauty. Now, this is not to be seen as a glowing review. I don’t know that I loved it, nor if I will even remotely like it the more time I’m given to dwell on the film. However, I found merit in Cloud Atlas and think that it, if nothing else, it is one of the most ambitious films ever made.

One of the most polarizing aspects is the fact that the filmmakers tried to incorporate every actor in each plot… as different characters… of different nationalities…which people LOVE. Though borderline offensive and somewhat distracting, I thought it worked for the overall theme in which everyone connects throughout time and space. But there were times when it got, well, bizarro. I mean, this movie has white people in Asian face, Asian people in white face, black people in Asian face, Asian people in Latino face, white people in green face, and yet, so as not to seem racist, I’m sure, no one in black face… surprisingly. The makeup, though uncomfortable at times, was extremely well done. And it gave the viewers countless glimpses of that marvelous thing we call Facial Hair.

The many (hairy) faces of Cloud Atlas.

And that’s just to name a few! In addition to an entire bottom row of Tom Hanks toting anything from mustache to beard, he also did some scruffy things! Hugh Grant, who for the first time in his life was NOT playing Hugh Grant, had some beard stuff going on in a plotline or two– they just sadly haven’t made it to the internet yet. This film does not only mark the “Most FHF Potential in One Film” to hit the blog, but also the first woman featured*! See that grizzled, Asian future-pirate at top left? How could you not tell that it was none other than the sexiest woman alive, Halle Berry? DOUBLE TAKE.

If nothing else, Cloud Atlas made Lara and the Reel Boy history, and that is nothing to be sneezed at.

– Lara

*I know what you’re thinking, dear reader, “but what about the baby girls who played Pubert in The Addams Family Values ?” Nice catch. However! They were babies! Not a woman, you silly person.


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