Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 5

19 Nov

This week it’s time for a little expansion. There are more flix on the net than just Netflix, so let us travel down that road as well as the familiar one of instant streaming. But before we stray too far from the norm, the trailer for the Netflix Original series House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey, is out. If edgy political dramas are your thing, you might dig the trailer. For me though, let’s be real for a second: the only thing worth your attention about this show is Kevin Spacey.

This is (unless my memory is incorrect) Netflix’s second go at its own series, the first being Lilyhammer. For the curious, the story is a mobster gets relocated by the FBI to Lillehammer, Norway after testifying against his former mob buddies. I managed to get through the first few episodes and it was decent enough.

Closing out the Netflix stuff for the week we have Monster Brawl. Imma be honest witchu, I aint seen dis. I was going to instead recommend Discovery Channel’s When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions, but let me read you the description of Monster Brawl taken from, “This bone-rattling showdown staged as a pay-per-view event brings together some of filmdom’s most hideous creatures in a fight to the last freak. Amoung the horrifying combatants in the bloody competition are Cyclops, Frakenstein and Swamp Gut.”. Yep, totally watching this today.

Moving away from Netfllix and over to our good friend YouTube, we have the Stage Five TV channel that has The Continuum.  What we have here are some short films that are targeted towards awesome people. Unless I am mistaken, that means you, unless you aren’t awesome. Currently only five shorts are up, out of the five I suggest checking out So Pretty and Graveyard. Both are totally different and well worth your combined 15 minutes. So Pretty is what you would like to happen to every girl who loves Twilight and wants to be a vampire, while Graveyard is an action movie trope-fest.

Also Red Bull makes awesome videos like human powered Rube Goldberg machines.

– Tripp


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