Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 6

26 Nov

Thanksgiving has come and gone and I hope you ate enough food to make starving children in Africa proud. I for one haven’t used my legs in several days and when I look down at my body, all I can see is a massive bulge. Not that kind of bulge, geez, I mean my penis. Anyway, since I am out of town for the holidays, it has been rather hard to get some solid movie/tv watching in. Thankfully, some movies out there exist that you don’t even need to see to know they are awesome. ThanksKilling looks incredible, even if it is trying a bit too hard. Just look at the poster for it! A movie about a killer turkey starring the infamous Turkie, sold! Look at that tag line as well, ‘Warning, boobs in the first second!’ That’s not a warning, that’s an invitation.


Speaking of things filled with turkeys, be sure not to miss The League while its up on Netflix. I am sure most people have heard of the show by now, but in case you haven’t, you have google. Just kidding! The League revolves around a group of friends who all take part in a fantasy football league together. I have no interest personally in american football of the fantasy variety (unless it has orcs, where is my Blood Bowl tv show?!) however the comedy pacing of this group is outstanding and on par with Arrested Development. It’s silly, slightly over the top, and has multiple songs by Jon Lajoie.


How many of you were busy eating a turkey on Thursday, looking around at your family and thinking, ‘I wish I was a professional gamer, this stuffing taste like herpy juice’. In that case, check out the documentry Liquid Rising. Liquid Rising is about professional Starcraft 2 team TeamLiquid. This might seem a rather niche thing to suggest (more so than ThanksKilling even) and, honestly, it really is. That said, this is a fantastic little documentary that was funded through donations and shows a glimpse into the lives of one of e-sports most famous teams. If half of what I just said sounded foreign, no fear, I am here! Starcraft 2 is a very popular PC real time strategy game that has legions of fans as well as its own professional scene. Much like any other sport, you have teams of players who train together and go to tournaments to compete for cash prizes. If you are anything like me, you have dreamed of what it would be like to get paid to play video games for a living and this documentary shows 13-year-old you what that world is like. Spoiler alert, it’s filled with friends and youthful bliss.

I am sure by now you are about to pass out, in part because of the 100s of pounds of food you ate over the past few days. There is no better way to pass out than to something pretty, watch this glorious video simpley titled Yosemite HD. If you watch it in anything other than HD, Turkie is going to come for you.

– Tripp



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