Films We’ve Watched: Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

29 Nov

I waited quite a long time for Wreck-It Ralph, and when it finally came out I had to wait for Thanksgiving break for time to see it (I still have not seen Skyfall & will soon be allllll about Rise of the Guardians). Lately it seems all my cinematic satisfaction is marked by waiting.

Wreck-It Ralph was worth the wait though. Directed by Rich Moore (Futurama, The Simpsons) the film follows Wreck-It Ralph (John C. Reilly) who plays the villain in the arcade game Fix-It Felix, Jr. Tired of always being the villain, living in the dump and having no friends, he goes on an adventure to win a medal and prove he can be a hero. In the game Sugar Rush, he meets a glitch named Vanellope, unable to race because she may glitch & cause the arcade owner to retire the game when players are dissatisfied. Of course there’s more to the story than that…

The animation is excellent as one can pretty much always expect from Disney. Ian Gooding served as Art Director (Art directing: The Princess & the Frog; Art dept: Aladdin, Pocahontas, Hercules…), and the art department includes Ricardo Delgado & Barry Johnson. We can safely say it looks good. There are so many people who worked on this movie who worked on Tangled, and I am thoroughly obsessed with that movie.

Henry Jackson’s score provides a nice mix of video game & dramatic-movie-score. I always really enjoy his work (The Dark Knight, Kick-Ass, The Holiday…. ).

Jane Lynch as Calhoun plays her sassy, blond self she always plays, and in this case it works very well, especially paired with Jack McBrayer for half the movie. I know I’m supposed to love her (and I do), but she doesn’t always need to be Sue Sylvester. Glee affects us more than we like to believe. Where is Jane Lynch from Arrested Development or even Sleepover? Talladega Nights? Julia & Julia? Look at this:


Jack McBrayer’s Felix is happy, optimistic and helpful as only he could be, and Alan Tudyk makes such a ridiculous King Candy, you forget who’s voicing him.

The real stars are of course John C. Reilly as Wreck-It Ralph and Sarah Silverman as Vanellope Von Schweetz. I’m sure everyone expected it of John C. Reilly, but I was especially pleased with Sarah Silverman’s performance, and not just because Vanellope is so adorable I almost died. She’s funny, yes, but she also comes across as vulnerable & unaffected. You really want her to win, and so does Ralph.

Basically, you need to see this movie. I saw it with my housemate, and he cried.

Do it now.

– Susan G.


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