Facial Hair Friday, #70: BACK TO THE DESERT

7 Dec

Mad Max is a favorite around here.  Both the original film and the franchise that followed were groundbreaking, exciting, and, most importantly, lots of fun.  And while its been public knowledge for quite a while that the fourth installment in the series is currently being filmed with Tom Hardy replacing Mel Gibson, we’ve never talked about here (or if we did its been so long I don’t remember it).  Currently titled Mad Max: Fury Road, the film also brings back director George Miller.  So far, everything is sounding awesome.  And to celebrate that awesomeness, let’s look at some of the fantastic facial hair our new Max has sported (followed by some crazy vehicles from the new movie).  Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Hardy’s facial hair:



Now, the above image is from Bronson, not Fury Road.  But its an excellent place to start.  Bronson was the first time that Tom Hardy stood out to me, and to a lot of people.  He captured the intensity of the man he was portraying, and completely captivated the audience.  Which is what we are all hoping for with Fury Road .  Plus, he had an absolutely incredible moustache.

So, let’s take a look at the more recent look Hardy has been sporting.



I didn’t think it was possible for the man to be even more physically impressive than he has already been, but he is.  This is what a man looks like.  Learn from this boys and girls.  This is what you want to be (or want to be with, depending on who you are).

Now that I’ve gone overboard describing how amazing another man looks, let’s examine the vehicles said man is going to be interacting with on Fury Road, because any true Mad Max fan will tell you that vehicles are just as important as the actors in this series.









Yes.  I am excited.  About all of this.

– david

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