Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 9

17 Dec

I got a real person grown up adult job last week so you can expect these to now be shorter and made with less love. Thankfully, a lot of exciting crap came out, so, yay! First things first, what a week for trailers.  Star Trek Into DarknessPacific RimMan of SteelOblivion, and After Earth.   I know a few people were worried that Zach Synder couldn’t handle something like Superman. I’ve always liked him (yes, Sucker Punch included) and based on this trailer, I think all fears can be put to rest.



Ok fine, lets talk about After Earth. I know people, I know its M. Night. Shamaylanyasuan3ana. I know he hasn’t done anything worthwhile in what seems like 30 years. I know, dammit I know, he can put out a trailer only to crush your dreams. What makes After Earth different? A few things that you shall now hear about.

1. Will Smith. I mean come on, when was the last time Will Smith did anything terrible? Never, never is the answer to that question. If you have a movie in mind that Will Smith was in that was terrible, you are wrong and I hate you.

2. Jaden Smith. Sure, The Karate Kid wasn’t on the same scale After Earth looks to be, yet that doesn’t change that Jaden put forth a really good performance. Not to mention, in a story about a father and son trapped on a future version of Earth, makes sense that if you are able to bring on a great father son duo, might as well, you know, do that.

3. The trailer (obviously). There are moments of pure beauty that make it seem like M. Night is back in tune. Sure fine, this movie could just be another Avatar, I for one have a little faith that M. NIght will be able to bring us what seems to be a truly interesting tale.

4. That, based off the trailer, After Earth looks to show Jaden exploring this deadly version of Earth by himself. That resonates more with me than both father and son exploring together.

On to Netflix! Did all those serious trailers make you all introverted and sad? Good news, seven seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Actually, you might feel really bad about yourself if you find yourself laughing at this show. It’s terrible in the greatest way possible. Ever laughed at people pretending to have polio? You will.


Zero, Birdhouse, Real, Firm, Powell, Hawk, Mullen, Peralta, Ollie. If any of this words mean anything to you, get ready because you are in for a treat. Other people who aren’t awesome, it’s ok, you can be in for a treat as well. Bones Brigade: An Autobiography is on Netflix in all it’s skateboarding glory. There have been other skateboarding documentaries, however, they always seemed to be lacking something. I enjoyed them, but there was that nagging feeling that something was off. Bones Brigade fixes that. The feeling that was missing was raw emotion that did more than make you tear up, it told the story of growing up. The end monologue by Rodney Mullen is one of the best things I’ve seen this year.


– Tripp



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