Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 10

7 Jan

Did you get anything awesome for Christmas? By that I mean, did you get me anything awesome for Christmas? No? Man, you are a jerk. Thankfully though, I am not a jerk and I am going to tell you about awesome movies and TV shows you can watch on the intertubes.

V/H/S is on Netflix. I really cannot tell you anything more than that because it’s a horror movie and my delicate heart won’t make it through one. My second hand review of it is: ‘Tripp you should watch it, it’s really good and scary.’

If you took a break to watch V/H/S before making it to this paragraph, you are in luck, I have just the thing to bring happiness back into your life. Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments is hilarious. How hilarious? While watching it I peed so hard it shot through my pants and hit my dog in the eye. If that doesn’t sell you, then you should at least check it out to show Aziz Ansari some love. He is Tom on Parks and Recreation after all.

Ok guys and gals, real talk for a second. There has been a ton of new content added to Netflix since the holidays and that is of course good news. There was however one piece of content that needs to be seen before all others. The West Wing. ‘But Tripp that show is old and everyone has seen it’. Shut up I hate you, watch it again. I spent most of Saturday crying throughout Season 2 Episode 1 and I’ll have you know I own a multi-tool so I’m pretty manly. Like New South Wales.


We will talk again after you have watched all of The West Wing.



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