Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 11

14 Jan

What do you want from me? I’m still watching The West Wing. It has consumed me. I am no longer just a passenger following these characters lives. I am a caretaker. It is my civil duty as an American to only watch this show.

That said there is a bunch of shit I haven’t watched yet on Netflix now. I am slowly losing grip on all that is reality. I don’t understand how all of you can just sit by and not take part in this piece of political perfection that is The West Wing. Sorry, I mean, um. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is on Netflix. People liked that right?



Iron Sky is about Nazis who live on the moon coming to take over the earth. That has to be awesome. Not because I like Nazis, but because I love the idea of fighting space Nazis.


You guys, there are some Colombian drug lords that are holding some hostages and the Bartley administration has to come up with a plan.

Some movie called Butter. I dunno, americans like butter so watch it.



Oh right, After Porn Ends. You get to see some boobies and then feel really awkward about it. Reminds me of that time in high school that this girl flashed me and my friend, and then as she was trying to leave my house her car wouldn’t start. My friend and I just stood outside watching, hoping she would flash us again, and she kept giving us this look of ‘I cant believe I showed them my boobs, now I feel awkward and dirty as I threw my entire life away. Now I just smoke 10 packs a day’. Something like that.



Terminator 2. If you haven’t seen this you are a waste of a person and Netflix just wants to fix you. Like that Coldplay song. Or One Direction, I dunno.



– Tripp



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