Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 14

4 Feb

If you started watching The West Wing based on my recommendations, I’m sorry. I didn’t know what happened during season 5. I didn’t know the writers got drunk, turned into spiteful assholes, then wrote season 5. I just don’t understand how you take such an enjoyable cast and make them all unlikable.


The big news is that the Netflix original series House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey is up. Not only is it up in the sense that you can watch the first episode, no no, Netflix put the whole series up. It does some neat things here and there, yet at times the whole thing feels really forced. Still, Mr. Spacey kills it and there are far worse things you could being watching.



Speaking of dramatic high-fiving volleyball montages, Top Gun is on Netflix! I mean, it’s no Iron Eagle, but still. On the note of things that are awesome because of nostalgia, awesome comedies from your childhood have been added: Happy Gilmore, Liar Liar, Trading Places, Ferris Buellers Day Off,  and Dirty Work.



Remember that one movie you saw while browsing your local video store in college/high school? You know the one: Yellowy-orange cover, some strange made up sounding word for the title, Jude Law holding a fleshy looking gun. So yeah, that movie is on Netflix, eXistenZ. I took the risk back when I was little me and rented this bad boy. It’s um. It’s something. It’s not really something you can just throw on in the background and enjoy. You really need to sit down to watch it because this thing goes all over and makes no sense. Now don’t come crying to me when you are mad you spent 2hrs of your day watching this, I didn’t say it was good. It’s just you know, something.



– Tripp




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