Facial Hair Friday, #75: IT’S MY PARTY

15 Feb

Today is my birthday.  That means that I can talk about whatever I want in Facial Hair Friday.  I mean, I can always talk about whatever I want.  But I usually try to keep it with something that is happening in movie news.  Or something.

But not today.  As it is my birthday, I want to talk about my favorite bearded actor.  Sir Sean Connery.

Here he is with two of the other coolest people ever: Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford.

Here he is with two of the other coolest people ever: Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford.

Sean Connery has been one of my very favorite actors since I was kid.  The Hunt for Red October was one of the first films that I remember telling people was my favorite movie.  And I still think its fantastic today.  The performances by everyone, and especially Connery, are great.  Its intense, dramatic, funny.  And it has a score by the incomparable Basil Poledouris (who also did the score for Conan the Barbarian).

Not long after I discovered Red October, I fell in love with the Indiana Jones movies.  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was my favorite.  It had a treasure hunt, villainous Nazis, and, most importantly, Sean Connery.  I remember actually buying the VHS at Sam’s Club with my own money that I had saved up.  It took forever to get that much money.  But it was soooo worth it.



As I grew up and begin to see older movies, and rated R movies, my respect for the man just grew.  The UntouchablesHighlanderThe RockTime BanditsThe Wind and the Lion.  The man is an acting machine.  And while there were one or two missteps along the way (The Avengers and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), overall his filmography is as finely dressed as he is in my favorite James Bond film, From Russia With Love.

So, today, on the one day where I can say something without Lara loudly and publicly disagreeing with me, I want everyone to know that Sean Connery has been, and probably always will be my favorite (bearded) actor.

– david



2 Responses to “Facial Hair Friday, #75: IT’S MY PARTY”

  1. Underneath The Elder February 16, 2013 at 12:47 pm #

    Did you know that I love the conviction behind your opinions?

    • iamhrothgar February 16, 2013 at 3:08 pm #

      Thanks! I try put as much thought into them as I do conviction.

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