Don’t Miss These Netflix, Week 16

18 Feb

Have you ever fought a five foot tall demonic penis? No? Let me tell you, you are missing out. It’s like watching Tremors only you are fighting a penis. Penis. Todd and the Book of Evil is a pro at fighting demonic penises…peni. Imagine if you took Idle Hands, 4chan, Superbad, Metal, and Canada. That’s this show and it’s glorious. It’s on Netflix and it deserves your eyeballs. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be amazed at the amount of B movie style horrorgoremetalsexstuff the show gets away with.

Todd & the Book of Evil

Safety Not Guaranteed. Time travel + Aubrey Plaza. Oh and it’s pretty funny. Netflix

Safety Not Guaranteed

Times are a changin. YouTube used to be a place for cat videos, kids hitting their dads in the nuts, and Nickleback videos. Now you can find content of such incredible quality, you will wonder how it’s only a webseries and not a part of like, NBC’s rotating Thursday prime time viewing or something. Drone just won a Streamy award for effects and it does not dissapoint. Here is the trailer, whole show is on the same channel: 


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