Poster Passion: Metropolis

19 Feb

While not the first science fiction film, Metropolis is one of the earliest greats.  Master filmmaker Fritz Lang brought us a world that still seems remarkably possible.  A world where society is completed divided by the “haves” and the “have-nots”.  The poor live beneath the rich (both literally and figuratively), and do all the work to keep the city going and functioning.  And there is a beautiful robot that drives everyone crazy.  Which is nowhere near happening right now, but is still pretty cool.

Anyway, Metropolis helped show the world how powerful science fiction could be when its utilized correctly.  Even today, this is not done enough.  But when it is, some amazing things can happen.  Enjoy this small peek at our possible future.

















And now we’re going to do something that we haven’t done yet here at Poster Passion.  We’re going to peek into the world of modern poster makers that are using classic films as subject matter.  A lot of you may already know about Mondo (the art arm of the Alamo Drafthouse empire), but there are other artists and theaters doing the same thing.  And having a screening of a film like Metropolis is a perfect oppurtunity to do something like this.  So, enjoy these as well.











– david

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